I'm Kerry 👋🏻 the illustrator + pattern designer behind the Kerry Lyons Studio.

And I'm genuinely so chuffed to have you here. You take this cuppa ☕ I’ll go grab the biscuits while you scroll down, and I’ll meet you at the bottom for a chinwag.

When I’m not surgically attached to my Apple Pencil, sketchpad or interior magazines...

you’ll find me coaching high-achieving creatives who’ve lost their mojo in their business or career, to recover (and live) their true creative call. 

And this studio right here, is my call.

It’s been a wiggly-winding journey to get here, full of bold, radical, creative (and v.uncomfortable) decisions. But tbh, I’ve come to learn that’s just the way I like it, and it's what I'm here to model for others too :)

We’re currently a two-person team who only partner with premium, established suppliers at the top of their professional game. And we couldn’t be more pumped to connect their expertise and commitment to quality, with our eye for design and obsession with spreading the joy of creative living, to help make a real difference in how you live.

We believe the bolder, more creative, and more unapologetically ourselves we all are, the happier we, and the planet will be.

Whether that be expressed through your home, your work or ideally both – finally allowing yourself the full, creative life you dream of might just be the jigsaw piece you've been missing.

And this is why I care...

In a nutshell:

I'm here because you're a sophisticated, creative soul with refined taste, a great eye for design, an appreciation for the finer things in life AND you've a bold, fun, playful personality. And quite frankly, you deserve a home environment that reflects ALL those gorgeous facets that make you YOU! So are you ready to finally make some bold, creative moves in your home?

  • What really blows my skirt up:

    • Beautiful, sophisticated, high-end interiors that ooze personality and fun

    • A new colouring book and fresh, new pens

    • Progression of humanity and equity

    • My Nike Air Max 90s collection

    • The smell of patchouli

  • What really gets under my skin:

    • Beautiful, sophisticated, high-end interiors that take themselves far too seriously

    • A new colouring book and old, dried-out pens

    • Regression of humanity and oppression

    • Nike Air Rift Split-Toe/camel-toe trainers

    • The smell of burnt toast

Ooh, before I forget, here's the biccies 🍪

Thank you for scrolling this far. I hope it's inspired you to start thinking about what bold, creative moves you can start making in your home. If you’re ready to bring your sophisticated AND playful side to the forefront and finally Start Somethin’, you’ve found the right place. 

Caution: Do not underestimate the shift in your energy, confidence and creativity when you start creating an environment FOR YOURSELF that truly fits YOU.

PS, If we haven't connected on Instagram yet, come find me and say hi!